Wednesday, August 12, 2020

My Cataract!

Today was the day for my conference with the surgeon! I showed up a half hour early but was sent back to my car to wait until precisely 1:20. No problem, every business has their own way to deal with COVID.  I went back in at precisely 1:20 and was sent into a technician's office where she did my eyeball pressure test for glaucoma and pronounced me to have perfect eye pressure. More on this later!

I reminded her that I was here to see the surgeon and she assured me that I would be seeing him. She then embarrassed me again by having me read the eye chart. I could see there was an eye chart but that is about all. I could read three of the four largest letters. She then sent me in to see the big shot himself!

He started off as usual, reading charts and reports and then pulling the microscope over. He studied my eye for quite some time changing lenses or attachments and then went to his desk to write notes. "Not this time" I thought, knowing his next move has always been to send me out the door. I started talking and he immediately shushed me and asked, "May I say a couple of things first?" Well yes, please do!

He told me that some cataract patients develop a membrane in their eye post surgery and I had this membrane. Laser surgery is required to get rid of it. Relief! I had something to hang my hat on! PLUS, he said... Your puff of air tests for glaucoma have always looked good and everyone presumed it was under control with the eye drops I have been taking for years. However after my complaints he has taken another look at it and it is worse than they thought. He has referred me to a glaucoma specialist and when I pressed he told me it might require stronger drugs or even surgery. He will make me an appointment.

So there you have it, I had more than one problem. Now we know the whole story and now to get the problems dealt with!

An illustrated cross-section diagram of a human eye.


  1. I completely forgot that membrane. I had the same thing in both eyes post cataract surgery. Except it took several months and started from the outside in over the new lens. After several visits, in each case, they waited until "the time was right" and lasered the membrane away. Hope they can get a handle on your glaucoma.

    1. at least I have something to work on now! It really upset me when they just seemed to brush aside my concerns! This time he was not going to get away with than and he must have sensed it.

  2. Like you, I would also want to know what’s up and the options to a good resolution. Best wishes on that front, Croft.

  3. Always a relief to finally get an answer as to whats wrong. Now you can get started on the road to recovery.

  4. Relieved to know you have an answer! Nothing worse then not knowing. I'm so glad you will be able to move forward with getting both things resolved. Onward my friend. Thankfully you have vision in your other eye.......

  5. At least some news to move forward with.

  6. I am less worried now than I was previously. The doctor sounded confident or at least hopeful and it was great that he referred me without being asked to.

  7. Well that's good news! An answer to the problem. We are waiting to see what's next.