Thursday, August 6, 2020

Eye Surgery Ten Days Later

Well, the short story is my eyesight has not improved! My left eye vision is exactly as it was before the surgery. When I look through my left eye in looks (and this is the best way I can describe it) like I am watching a TV with the contrast turned up way too high. Things in my vision are either too bright or too dark and I can barely read the biggest line on an eye chart.

The surgery was done last Tuesday, July 28 and I went for my first post surgery exam the next day. A technician gave the the puff of air test and I passed that. I tried to tell her there was no improvement to my vision but she assured me it was way too early to tell and gave me an appointment at the surgeon's office in Courtenay for August 4. I drove down there and saw another technician who gave me another puff of air test, which I passed. I explained my problem and she had me read her eye chart which I failed miserably. I did not see the surgeon as he was not in the office that day. She told me it could take up to a month before I notice ant change but I have little confidence in this.

I will call the surgeon's office on Monday and schedule an appointment with him and find out what is going on. I am starting to think I had more than one problem to start with and he addressed one problem (cataract) but not the second. I want to start getting some answers and not just get shuffled from one technician to another.


  1. Hope you see more improvement next month.

  2. Your big black power sign at the top is enough to make me not read. Every human being matters. You have been brainwashed.

    1. Then don't read. There are many blogs and I'm sure you will find one that mirrors your beliefs exactly and doesn't try to stretch your mind with other viewpoints. I have disagreed with Croft and Norma on some basic beliefs, and we are/were still good friends because we could see the parts we had in common, and respect the right to not agree on the others.

    2. Anyone who comments as "Anonymous" is just a disembodied voice in a mob, afraid to identify themselves and therefore their opinion matters not at all.

  3. I had cataract surgery in both eyes and within days my vision had cleared up. I think you are right that there is more going on.

  4. Like they keep telling you everyone heals at different rates.
    Every thing is brighter because your Eye Lens had gotten imbedded with a life of dust floating in the air.
    My second eye was in full focus after One Day. The first eye took nearly Two Months.
    There could be another problem but let the doctor figure it out.
    All lives matter but Blacks have been unfairly targeted for centuries.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. I so hope you get answers. I would be extremely concerned as well.
    Since I can only see out of one eye, the one that was operated on,
    I was terrified that I would have some problem and end up blind.
    Imagine my relief that afternoon, after the surgery when my vision
    began to clear and I had perfect vision the next day. A HUGE sigh of relief!
    I couldn't imagine living in San Miguel as a blind person! No way.