Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jipijapa (Panama) Hats

Merida is well known for two products, Hammocks and Jipijapa Hats. Today as we were walking the Plaza Grande we found the Casa de las Artisanias. This is a Government supported outlet for all the Mayan handicrafts produced in the Merida area. Everything is authentic. Jipijapa, or “Panama” hats, as they were re-named by the Americans, are made from jipijapa palm leaves and the “real” Jipijapa Hats are manufactured in underground caves where the high humidity keeps the fibers pliable for the very fine weaving required. These hats are the real thing!

The asking price was $950 Pesos each and Norma took it upon herself to see how far she could talk the salesman (also a genuine Mayan) down. They countered each other for several tense minutes until they agreed on $1300 Pesos (about $120 CAN) for the two hats. I think she got a pretty good deal. And I got an authentic Jipijapa Hat!





The beaten-up Mayan salesman.



  1. Very nice hats! Love hearing about all your travels! Keep blogging! :)

  2. $120 bucks for 2 dorky hats and you can't even call me at $3.00 a minute.....Dad......come on!!! By the way you look like the Cuban actor from Casablanca.

    Your loving son
    Brooks ...........and Linda xoxo

    (I like the hats myself....*wink LL

  3. my mom wants to know....where are the tan shoes and pink shoe laces????

  4. Mom also says "Norma, that hat looks great on you!!!"

    LindaLee xoxo