Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day

We had a great Fathers Day down at Brooks and Linda's. Our ten year old granddaughter Sierrah was there as well as Linda's mom, Janice. I always have fun with Janice! Her and I sing great Johnny Rivers duets together! Brooks and Linda's neighbors/friends Mike and Audrey came over so it was a great evening. We stayed just the one night and left after breakfast. On the way home we found a nice restaurant in French Creek on the Old Island Highway that we have never been to and stopped for brunch.

Sierrah asked her dad to make her a planting box for her vegetable garden at home and Brooks told her if she wanted one, she could build it herself and he would help her. That was great news for her as she loves anything to do with working with her hands. She takes after her dad in this. Brooks cut all the pieces for her and then she laid it all out and went to work with the nail gun (don't worry, she had safety glasses, the nail gun was on safety and we were close by). She did an excellent job and finished the project up by drilling a bunch of drain holes in the bottom. She will be growing tomatoes and peas in this one.

She wants to learn all about the fencing/decking business as she says she fully intends to work for her dad and to buy the business when he retires. In her spare time she will be an artist and I don't doubt her in the least!

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  1. Hey Croft - good to hear you and Janice have a good time - if you like her, you'll LUV me - haha - it's a sister thing! Anyway, sorry we won't be in Kimberley this weekend to meet you and Norma in person, but hopefully one of these days we'll connect "on the road". I'm sorry we'll miss seeing Linda Lee and Brooks, too. Have a good trip and enjoy Kimberley - it's a great little spot - Auntie Bev