Wednesday, June 2, 2010

History Repeates Itself

How short is the Israeli memory? Maybe they need a reminder...

On July 11, 1947 the SS Exodus set sail from France carrying Jewish Emigrants. Its destination was the British Mandate of Palestine, a desolate piece of Mediterranean Desert subject to British control through a 1922 instrument passed by The League of Nations.

These Jewish people, mostly Holocaust survivors, were seeking a land of their own. A homeland or a Jewish State, a place to call "home". They had no legal rights to this land and on July 18 the Exodus was confronted in International Waters by the British Royal Navy cruiser Ajax and a convoy of destroyers. Refusing to obey orders to stop, the Exodus was boarded by British Sailors who after meeting some token resistance from the Jewish Emigrants killed several passengers and crew of the Exodus. Again, this occurred in International Waters where the British had no legal jurisdiction.

Sound familiar?

Attacks on shipping in international waters is piracy. In the old days pirates were hung from the yardarm. Now, State sponsored piracy seems to be gaining word wide acceptance. Or is it? Piracy is piracy, whether committed by Somalis or Israelis. In either case it must be met with international condemnation and action. It cannot be tolerated by a just society.

Taking the position of "We don't know enough about it to form an opinion" recently voiced by Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State is a cop-out! We know all we need to know about it. A ship carrying aid was attacked in international waters and people were murdered. This is an illegal act and cannot be justified in any way. The USA had no problem condemning and threatening North Korea after the alleged torpedo attack on a South Korean ship. Nor do they have a problem condemning Somali pirates! What is the difference? What more is there to "find out"?

Israel is saying they had no choice because their commandos were met with resistance. Well, when someone illegally boards a ship at sea they should be met with resistance! With this action Israel has destroyed a sixty year old friendly relationship with Turkey. Their only ally in the Islamic World is now gone and the West's tacit approval of this action threatens to alienate Turkey from the rest of the Western World.

Another flotilla of aid ships is heading towards Palestine at the present time. Is Israel going to further infuriate the world by attacking them as well? What if it is escorted by Turkish Navy vessels? Will Israel engage them? Is Israel trying to start a war?

Israelis must remember the Exodus. They must remember when they had no country to call their own and took part of Palestine for their own. Israel has enjoyed decades of world support and maybe have gotten too used to it. They must lift the illegal, immoral blockade of Palestine immediately!

The Exodus:


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