Saturday, June 5, 2010

If You Get Trapped Downtown

We have learned from experience what to do if you make the wrong turn and get trapped downtown in a Mexican city with the motorhome. This has happened to us three times and every time we have had a happy ending. As well as being downright silly, it is also illegal to drive a dual wheeled vehicle in most cities. The streets and traffic lanes are very narrow, streets are not well marked, no-one obeys stop signs or speed limits and it is generally a madhouse. Not the place you want to be in a fifty foot combination motorhome and tow car!

What we do as soon as we realize we are in trouble is pull over. We get out and flag down the first cab that happens along. We show him the map and make sure he knows where we want to go and make sure he understands that he is to deal with any polica that may stop us. After warning him to drive very slowly, Norma gets in the cab with the walkie talkie, everyone turns on their four way flashers and off we go.

For some reason, when the police see you are being lead and have your flashers going, they leave you alone. Taxis are very cheap in Mexico and even though Norma tips way too much, we always find our way safely out of town using this method. One has to swallow one's pride once in a while. A tough thing for a man to do!


  1. This way you avoid low bridges!!!! Sorry took my nasty pill this morning...your blog is bringing back so many great memories, have a good weekend, cheers Les

  2. Does not work for low bridges Les. That requires a brain cell that i am evidently missing! Be nice!