Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Reminder

Working on the floor with heavy material is a good reminder that we are not as young as we once were. We can still do it, just not as fast as we used to. We got the cement board down and are ready to start with the tiles. Our friend Felipe in Patzcuaro says we should have hired a Mexican tile layer to do the job. I wish I could have but there is a severe shortage of Mexican tile layers in Campbell River, BC!

Yesterday we removed the other toilet that needs replacing from the smaller bathroom off the laundry room and had our lawn guy take them both to the dump for us. We are now down to one toilet. That is 1/2 of a toilet each where we have become used to 1 1/2 toilets each! This is quite a change and is inspiring us to get back to work!

This morning we will make a trip to the building supplies to buy toilets and hopefully get the one in the small bathroom installed. That bathroom was re-tiled several years ago and is in fine shape. It just needed a new toilet that does not have to be flushed three times to get rid of the evidence! we are becoming toilet experts.


  1. Excellent work on the toilets! I have struggled with mine too, and ended up calling a plumber. at least I know they are done right now! LOL
    It is a good reminder we aren't 20 anymore when we do hard labor like that. Makes you wonder what people that do hard labor do when they get older?

    Maybe post on Kijiji for some help, that worked for me? Lots of people looking for work would take a $20 just to help with your work?

    Good luck!

  2. I love putting tile down - if we were living closer I would loan you my wet saw - very handy device when there is a LOT of cutting.

    Here in Mexico because I don't have a tile cutter we lay full tiles and then do a river rock or decorative cement border to the edges - works well and looks good ;-)

  3. We actually do have a wet saw John. We bought a cheap one when we laid new bathroom floors in Norma's dad's house and it has helped a lot. It was not an expensive one (I think we paid $89) so it is slow but for our purposes it works fine.