Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Future is Looking Good

Marriage Equality has a bright future! The vast majority of young people with any education at all endorse it as do the majority of the USA population. I don't know why Obama and the Democrats are dragging their feet on the issue. It is pretty clear to me that the Party that embraces the issue will gain the immediate support of the very voters they will need for the future, It is a no-brainer! Come on Obama, get on the right side of History!

The comments section in the last post is interesting with all but one poster in support. The lone dissenter quotes Mother Theressa on her own Blog so I can see where she is coming from. Even so, I do not think Mother Theressa, if she were still alive, would condone this kind of blatant discrimination.

I deleted one supporting comment simply because it quoted a letter on the Internet that made the rounds some time ago and was too long for inclusion here. If you are interested, it can be read here. Sorry anonymous, it was simply too long.

1 comment:

  1. As an Obama supporter, his stance on marriage equality has been a huge disappointment to me - as have many of his other policies. By the time he and the Dems get on the correct side of this, it will be too late to win kudos from me. On the other hand, if the Republican platform included marriage equality, I'd probably fall over in a dead faint! For the party that supposedly wants to keep/get government out of our private lives, they certainly are interested in telling us all what we can and cannot do when it comes to who we love, how we express that love, and reproductive rights. Ugh.

    Rant on, Croft. I don't care what anyone's religious views are - as long as they don't expect me to live by them.