Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Update On The Xico Family

A few days ago I posted on Mexican Blogger Leah's efforts to help the newly formed family of eight in her little village of Xico, Veracruz. I asked all of you to consider a small Paypal (or credit card) donation through the "Donate" button on Leah's Blog and you came through! I am happy to report that through the efforts of many readers, here and elsewhere, enough funds were raised to finance a trip to Sam's Club in a neighboring town!

As carts were loaded, the kids stared at each item that went in, knowing that it was theirs and would mean food on the table every day and an end to the starving and begging cycle. All six kids got brand new shoes for the first time in their lives! Leah reports the kids were very well behaved but it was as if they were in Disneyland! They also stocked up on school supplies. Yes, they will be going to school now!

Leah also reports that medically, the three girls will be fine but the physiological damage caused by being sold by their own mother as "party favors" will take a long time to overcome.

Leah tells me that there was a noticeable influx of small donations after that post and that many small donations add up quickly but let's not stop here, it is a new month and we can all do without another Starbucks or a breakfast out to help this family. They still have a long way to go. The father, a mason who loves to build and wants to work is currently unemployed and the mother helps out by making antojitos (small snacks) and other yummy homemade stuff which she sells from their house and on the street. However, times are tough in Xico and income is hard to come by. It is a bump in the road we can help them get over. Thanks.

Here are a couple of photos from the Sam's Club shopping trip:

"Help me tie my new shoes please!"

"I am hanging onto this until we get home!"

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