Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm Not 65 Anymore!

Less work than planned got done at Brooks and Linda's house this weekend. It poured rain all Saturday morning so Brooks called his friends and canceled the project. He is using Hardy Plank, a cement and paper fibre product that must be kept dry until it is up so rain does not fit into the equation. When we got there at about noon the rain had stopped and their employee was there hoping for some extra work so the five of us started installing windows, staining trim and nailing up siding. Everyone except me was afraid (or maybe not dumb enough) to tackle the job of moving the two electrical service masts away from the building to get the siding behind them. I climbed up the 30 foot extension ladder, nailed a short 2X4 behind the masts and re-fastened them to the building. I know just about enough about electrical to keep myself safe around it so it went without mishap. It is only 600 amps anyway so what is the worst that could happen? ;).

We then got five windows and the front door of the suite in and trimmed and siding put up on one side of the building by dinnertime Sunday night. A job well done but my trick ankle was really raising hell last night. Working on a ladder is just about the worse thing for it and that is just about all we were doing for a day and a half! I have to remember I am not 65 anymore! This morning we headed home while Brooks and Linda headed into town to put the finishing touches and pick up cheques on two paying projects.

They are keeping their fingers crossed on a new job they bid involving new fences around all the hospitals on Northern Vancouver Island. If they get it it will mean having to hire a second crew, rent a truck and have them spend six months on the road staying in hotels. He has mixed feelings because he has not had great luck sending a crew out to work without close supervision. Not enough work gets accomplished and projects always take much longer than he and Linda could do them, affecting the profit margin! They cannot go themselves because they have to run the main part of the business in Victoria in order to keep their regular customers satisfied so they are trying to figure something out. The two of them seem to have the "Midas Touch" so it will work out.

Here is the workshop / rental suite this morning as we left. The blank space at the top right is the bathroom and they have decided to add another window to it for aesthetics,  It will be over the sink. One window at the rear living room goes from a foot above the floor all the way to the ceiling and gives a beautiful view of the forest behind the building. They have no close neighbours and the site is very isolated.


  1. Croft: My kid in Calgary is always looking for a retired Telus employee to give him a hand with his business. Does Brooks want you to run the North Island chapter of his business ??

  2. I may have to to protect my interest in their company! It would be just like being back in CT&S Rod, six months of hotels and restaurant food!

  3. There are many idle fencing crews here in Colorado. Do they hire illegal aliens?

  4. I am not 65 yet - but soon. Could use your help with our kitchen project.

  5. Ah yes, Coastal Travel Services. Since I stopped being on the road and eating in restaurants last Sept 24th I've lost 25 pounds. Is your investment worth gaining 25 pounds in 6 months? {:o