Sunday, December 4, 2011

Down Day

Very little got accomplished yesterday! We slept in a little, had breakfast and I drove to town to get cash and some groceries while Norma changed the bed and tidied up. She found the wash crew and made an appointment to have the motorhome washed today.

Downtown was a madhouse as usual. I think it was even more chaotic than I remember. Lots of traffic, including the little cabs darting in and out of lanes, taxis and buses tying up the curb lane and masses of people!

I went to the Mega store and wandered around for a while. I was reminded how much more reasonable food is in Mexico. I walked away with five bags for less than $250 pesos or about $18 US. As I passed the produce area a charming young woman handed me a large stick loaded with fresh fruit to sample. It was very good!

When I got home Norma was finished her chores and we flopped down to watch TV for a bit and next thing we knew it was dinnertime! A real down day! We have only two more days here and we have still done none of the things we wanted to do! There is a couple out on Stone Island who we want to meet but have not even contacted yet. Oh well, this is Mexico!


  1. Sorry Croft......have been dealing with a sick doxie!!

    Mazatlan is busy because of the marathon today. The Isla was a zoo yesterday but quiet today.

  2. everyone deserves a 'lay down' can double up tomorrow :) lol enjoy

  3. Sounds like you got a lot done actually. You should see us on a lazy day! Glad you are enjoying yourselves.