Monday, December 26, 2011

A Visitor!

We had a visit from our friend Les today. He is spending the winter in nearby San Miguel de Allende where he supports two little Mexican girls. This is a busy time for him but he caught a bus down here to Queretaro and spent a few pleasant hours with us. Norma made a great lunch and then Les and I spent an hour in the pool speaking of manly things. There is a lot of "between the lines" stuff on Les' Blog and I pried as much as I could out of him. Thanks for coming down Les. It was great to see you!

He left at about 4:30, we cleaned up, Skyped both grand daughters and Norma's brother, had dinner and now I am watching the Canucks. A great day!


  1. Actually he grilled me on all my female companions both young and a bit older...but I plead the 5th!!!! Thanks Norma great lunch and a realy nice to see you both again, safe travels!!! Les

  2. Are you sure you were not a journalist in your work world? You seem to have a nose for news. LOL Sounds like a nice visit was shared.