Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It Could Be Worse!

Our son Brooks and Linda spent Christmas with Linda's parents in Canmore, Alberta. They had a great time and headed home very early on the 27th expecting to make it all the way home to Vancouver Island. Well, they made it as far as Golden, BC where at 8:00 AM the road was blocked by an avalanche! They waited all day and finally had to get a hotel. They hope to be on their way tomorrow morning.

At least they have a nice view of the snow.



  1. That's why I love Westjet! We're on our way to Calgary tomorrow. I hope they have a safe trip.

  2. We certainly know what it is like to drive the Rockies in the winter. One has to be prepared for the worst.

  3. A view in a photo - nice - actually there - not so nice I think.

    Easy to write from sunny Puerto Escondido

  4. our son and his partner also spent Christmas in Canmore..with relatives...they flew in so hopefully are back home safe and sound on the Sunshine coast..

  5. Hmmm . . . And what is the temperature in Queretaro today? Pretty nice right!