Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bad News!

This is a story I hate to relate! We stayed beside this couple here in Chetumal for two nights. We had long conversations and shared a dinner out. They are from Alaska and she is a council member of her village near Fairbanks. I have absolutely no doubts about their story.  Here is the email I got from Cheryl yesterday:

Hola dear friends,
Yesterday, about one hour after leaving campground, Rancho Hermanos Graham at Aqua Dulce, we were robbed on the highway. Driving along, a white VW suddenly passed us on the left and pulled immediately in front of us. We just thought they were crazy drivers. Frank tried to avoid a collision which looked imminent. However, they pulled in front again and while doing so, a gunman fired a shot aimed at Frank. It barely missed him, went through the windshield and hit the ceiling of the inside of the truck in the back. In fact, today, we got the bullet which looks like a 45. They forced us to the side, two gunmen got in and forced us into back seat with our dog Missy. We drove frantically up and down highways unknown to us. Then they pulled over, took me out of the truck and put me in their car with two banditos, while two banditos stayed with Frank in our truck. We then separated and drove up-down and who knows where for approx one hour. They had taken our bank cards and were taking me to bank machines, but, you won't believe this, I couldn't get money. The reason, which I figured out the next day was because I was using wrong password for wrong card. Eventually, they got $10,000 pesos and drove back to where Frank was. They stole both our computers, our two cell phones, one mp3 player, etc. We are at an internet cafe in Cholula right now. We stayed in a hotel last night and also tonight. It was terrifying, and hope you guys can notify all website-facebook sites that need to know! Please. We have no internet addresses. Yours was in my purse. We are heading north to the USA. 
We would appreciate it if you would let people know. We were on a Cuota, by the way. We wonder if perhaps we were set up. There were some people staying in a palapa at the campground mentioned above. We are terrified.

Great to meet you and sorry to contact you with sad news.
Cheryl and Frankie

This is the same road Norma and I have to take when we leave the Yucatan. It can be fairly desolate in places. Our plan is to get in with a group of trucks and stick with them the whole way through. It is very unlikely that lightening will strike twice in the same place and this is normally known as a safe highway. 


  1. This is terrible~ I am so sorry. Praying the Lord will give you peace. and also that you will be able replace everything that was taken from you.
    ~Betty and Joe

  2. I wonder how much more drivel will be spun off about being quite safe in mexico, the stories are getting quite frequent and more dangerous.

  3. Anonymous, this is actually the first story this year that does not ave a drug connection. I still maintain Mexico is as safe or safer for RV'ers than the USA or even Canada.

    Number of RVers murdered in Canada in recent history = 2

    Number of RVers murdered in the USA in recent history = 2

    Number of RVers murdered in Mexico in recent history = 0

  4. I have Mexican friends who will not travel around Mexico by car. They even have concerns about driving from Cancun to Merida. It seems to me that most of the people traveling across Mexico by car or RV are not Mexicans, but foreigners.

    Didn't you choose to travel the southern U.S. last year because you were concerned about the reports of violence? Be aware and stay safe on your travels back north.

  5. OhMyGod. What a terrible experience. I'm glad the couple wasn't physically hurt; although the mental aspect of a nightmare like that is probably almost as terrible. I'd like to repost this on my blog if it's okay with you.
    You're probably exactly right when you say that it won't happen again in the same spot, but FOR PETE'S SAKE, WATCH YOUR BACK. And definitely slide in between some truckers or something.
    Stay safe, mister!

  6. Connie, We stayed in the USA last year because we wanted to see the Southern States, not because of any fear of Mexico.

    Kelsi, Post away and yes, we will be careful. This is the same stretch where our dolly got shaken apart by the poor condition toll road on the way down. There are lots of trucks and police/army patrols. This is where you will find us along that stretch. Thanks for the concern.

  7. Sheesh!!!

    Keep a good vigil out there! I too will report this on my blog. People need to know.

    I also concur that a similar fate can (and has) faced RVers in Canada and the USA in the past.

  8. The important thing here is: Nobody was injured! The computers, phones and/or windshield might be covered by the free insurance that comes with the payment for the toll road and the $10,000 pesos ($750 USA) might even be covered somehow by the bank or homeowners insurance.

  9. Stay safe folks. We want to have good stories to tell when we get together and tell lies this spring!

  10. You may want to go back and reread your post dated July 22, 2010. You went into great detail about your concerns for traveling by RV to Mexico in 2011, therefore changing your plans to visit the southern U.S.

    I love Mexico and will continue to visit, but personally I would be leary of traveling by vehicle around the country.

    And yes, thank goodness that your friends were not physically harmed.

  11. I think she's got you Croft...

    Stuff put in the internet stays there forever doesn't it.

  12. In July, 2010 we were going through the decision making process. We had always planned to spend a winter in the SW and decided that would be the year. Many things went into the making of that decision.

    The situation in Mexico has not changed much since then and we are back in Mexico now so any concerns we may have had back then did not stop us from coming back this year.

  13. Too bad for them, not a fun experience for sure.

    Somebody said "people need to know".

    Why? I don't get why people "need to know"...

  14. How very scary and how terrible for your friends safe out there folks..

  15. Very frightening story. While it is about odds I suppose - reading something like this causes one to pause - are we safe anywhere? There is no answer to this - one just hopes w are not next....