Friday, March 23, 2012

Catching Up

Our friends Chris and Juan arrived on Thursday and parked one space over from us. Tables and chairs were set up and we caught up on each other's life for the past year. They report that things are slowly getting better in Monterrey, enough that they now feel more comfortable leaving their home to travel more. Juan is tied up in completing his Doctorate and Chris has had a few contracts that have taken him on short trips around Mexico. They are looking forward to retirement when they want to do some extensive RVing in Mexico.

We have developed a propane leak near the propane tank. Norma noticed the smell and when I checked the level, I found we had lost a quarter of a tank in a little over a day. It started just after we had it filled so I think something happened then that loosened a fitting somewhere. The smell was quite strong in the bay where the tank is but I was unable to find the leak with my soapy water solution. Chris, who is fluent in Spanish, is talking to people trying to find a mechanico who will come to the park to do repairs. We have to have the tank turned on in order for the fridge to operate while we are driving so it is important to get this repaired. Chris and Juan have a small leak in their oven that they will have repaired at the same time.

Later today we all want to go down to the Centro here in Saltillo. We will wander around and find a nice place to eat. Life is good!


  1. sorry to hear about the problem but at least how great to have the boys there to help, give them my best and please no wild dancing tonight!!!!!! Les

  2. So glad you have gotten together. Hola to all of you from the Isla. Good luck with the leaks.

  3. Croft
    No toking those Cuban cigars in the RV until the leak is fixed! :^)
    Bill in Nebr.

  4. Croft, we had a great time and glad we got to see you guys. Hi Norma!

  5. Be careful with that leak. Propane plus closed spaces is dangerous!

  6. Croft, I saw your postings on Felipe's blog.

    Please remember that logic, science, facts and history are not allowed in discussions with Southern bigots or some Republicans these days. Seems Felipe is flying his colors and you can be sure he hates Mexicans too.

    Thanks for posting your take on the U.S. economy and things in general, it's a pleasure to read.

    You are a man of thoughtfulness and compassion which makes you a socialist-commie in the eyes of a Southern bigot.

    Luckily it's easy to delete his blogs from my reading list and be done with him.