Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Long Drive!

It was a long drive today! We did not intend it that way as we planned to spend the night in Rio Verde, about four hours from where we spent the previous night.

The road started out really bad and got worse. There were potholes on the traveled portion of the road so I drove with the right wheels on the (mostly) paved shoulder and the left wheels between the worn tracks. Following traffic, of course, took this as an invitation to pass which they did regardless of oncoming traffic, creating three wide situations on the two lane road. This prevented me from taking any evasive action to miss the potholes on the shoulder so it was a very stressful drive.

The road surface got a little better as we approached the Sierra Madres but then we started going up... and up! Steep grades, narrow roads and heavy traffic do not make driving a 50 foot combination rig easy! On one of the worst inclines, my "Check Engine" light came on! I know what it will say when they read the computer, "Low Fuel Pressure". This happens every time I tackle a long steep grade in hot weather. I guess the fuel pump just cannot satisfy the V-10's demand for fuel. I will get it reset in the USA where many places do it for free. We finally started the downhill run to Rio Verde (spelled Rioverde by Garmin)

Last time through Rio Verde we stayed in a grocery store parking lot right in town. Problem was, this time we did not need groceries and the turnoff on 75D was just before we got to the city. We did not want to tackle the city traffic so we took the turn onto 75D thinking there should be a spot to park before too long. Well, there was not but 75D is such a beautiful road we decided to keep going. The speed limit was 100 KMH and I set the cruise control for 99. Before we knew it we were on 57 heading to Matehuala so we just kept going. We pulled into the RV park behind the Motel Las Palmas at about 5:30. A 7 1/2 hour, 475 KM day, long for us.

Starchoice is set up, we have eaten, so off to watch TV. I am exhausted!

Our Route:


  1. Sounds like a stressful day , but now to relax.

  2. I get the check engine light with my V-10 on steep inclines going in the other direction. O2 sensor malfunction or some nonsense.

    If you're sure the light is just a one off thing, you can disconnect the truck battery for at least a full 10 seconds to clear the light.

  3. How do you get Canadian Starchoice sat TV in Mexico? I'm going up into the Canadian Maritimes for most of this summer. What can I do about TV and internet up there. Remember, I'm from Texas!

  4. We use Starchoice (Shaw Direct now) at home in Canada and carry a spare dish in the Motorhome. We are allowed 6 receivers in total. We use them all and in fact the receiver from my office has to be moved into the motorhome when we travel. Unlike other providers, they do not care where you travel to with your equipment.

    The Starchoice satellite "footprint" extends all the way south to Nicaragua. We get a strong signal in Mexico.

    To get a Shaw Direct account you must have a Canadian address. So if you have a Canadian relative who will loan you an address, you can sign up. You have to purchase the receivers ($99 - $400) and pay the monthly fee for the package you choose. We pay $88 per month.

    I am sure there are re-sellers in the USA but you will pay a premium.

    1. Oh yes, if you have a rooftop dish on your motorhome, it will not work for Starchoice. You would have to use a freestanding dish.

      For Internet in Canada I use Virgin Broadband to go. You will find it much more expensive than in the USA ($45 for 1 GB for 30 days). It is pay as you go and I only need it for a week or so at a time. http://www.prepaid-wireless-guide.com/wireless-broadband-providers.html