Thursday, March 28, 2013

Semana Santa

Semana Santa starts today. This is "Holy Week" in Mexico and is the time when groups and families head out to play loud Music and to party, the things normally associated with praising the lord. It started getting pretty busy around here today with all the surrounding palapas being taken over by campers. We are lucky that we are in Campestre Monte Sur where the management takes security and the rules seriously. Security patrols are making the rounds asking people to keep the music down and we shall see how well they enforce the ten o'clock "quiet time". 

Most of the noise is coming from the central area where they have a fire going and a live band. This is a nightly thing and we have been over there three nights. Lots of fun but tonight we are attempting to have a quiet night.

The weather is good. Cloudy but relatively warm. It is presently nine o'clock and is still 69F outside. We are now planning to leave here on Sunday.

Check Chris' Blog for a more Mexican point of view of the evening. Chris and Juan are sitting in their palapa next door watching the action and sipping a vodka while Norma and I are watching some taped episodes of Law and Order. 

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