Tuesday, March 5, 2013

She's a'Blowin Out There Laddie

We are getting a real wind storm lashing tonight. The motorhome is parked broadside to the wind about a hundred feet from the beach and it is really rocking and rolling. We started loosing the satellite signal so I went out and leaned a 10 liter water bottle against the dish. jamming it up against the dolly. That worked, the dish stopped vibrating. For now. The dish is mostly sheltered by the motorhome, otherwise it would have blown away or at least blown over long ago.

We just put in the slide because the topper awning was flapping like a flag in a hurricane and the whole slide was groaning. I checked the weather for Veracruz and it says, "18 C and Blowing Sand"! That does not sound too good for the recent wax jobs on both the motorhome and car!

I just might get seasick in bed tonight!


  1. Hope you made it through the night without having to run for some Gravol to tame the sea sickness. And here I thought you like to Rock'n'roll!

    1. Just the Eockin' Rene', not the Rollin'.

  2. Well, the Canucks lost just before I lost my satellite. Time for bed.

  3. We are at the mercy of the strong s winds. Some times feel like we need to be strapped into bed to be safe.

  4. Some folks in a really fancy class A here on the beach have found a way to deal with the awnings over their slides flapping in the crazy winds. They wrap a length of heavy cord all the way around the slide, which presses the awning against the top of the slide and keeps it from flapping.

  5. Must be very windy to bring the slide on. Hang on.