Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fort Stockton to El Paso

As you may have noticed, we have abandoned plans to go home via South Dakota. The weather is just too unpredictable in the northern States (and even in more southern ones). Plan 2(b) is now to follow the Mexico border west towards Tucson and decide later how we will make the run north. Maybe through Las Vegas and north through Nevada. We have run into snow twice along this route but the roads have always been clear. The other option is the California route but that is not high on my list because of the high gas prices there.

The drive today was pretty brutal, as we were fighting a +/- 40 MPH headwind the whole way. I found myself with the gas floored, trying to maintain 55 – 60 MPH. We went through almost a full tank of gas ($125). I did not calculate the mileage, I don’t want to know.

We are at El Paso’s Mission RV Park, a Passport America park ($20 / night) and a regular stop for us. It has nice pull trough's and WIFI, which I can’t get on but my Virgin Broadband is working with a weak signal.

I set up the StarChoice as there are a couple of shows we want to watch later. The weather here is “blowing sand”, almost a sandstorm. The couple next to us tried to leave this morning but the wind was just too bad so they stayed another day. They are heading for Alamogordo, New Mexico but they say it is snowing there! That is a long way south for snow!

This is why we don’t make plans!


  1. Strong wind makes for a long day of driving. I hope it settles down.

  2. The Vegas to Kelowna route was clear sailing last week, we only saw a couple of patches of snow piled up on the sides of the road in Oregon. We took the route after reading older posts on your blog about it's advantages. It was pretty windy in southern Oregon though. When we went by the Crane Hot Springs everything that wasn't nailed down was blowing across the fields.

    1. Thanks Rod, that is the "new" plan.

    2. I just got an email from a friend who travelled through Wyoming on his way back to Regina. Nasty road conditions, and they got stuck in Sheridan Wy for a couple of days waiting for the weather to clear. When they left this morning, they drove for a couple of hours before they saw any asphalt theough the blowing snow. On top of everything they have snow piled up anove the bottom of the windows at their house. Stay as close tao the coast as you can my friend.

  3. Wise choice to avoid central states with the current weather. Spring is struggling to get here.

  4. Amigo, you are a man after my own heart the way you travel - go with the flow, not with the plan ;-)

    Maybe you will get on I25 and head up - a nice drive and a good road to I40 eventually catching I5?