Sunday, April 7, 2013

Still In San Antonio

We are having a tough time getting out of San Antonio! Canada won their match in International Curling yesterday and play for the Gold this afternoon. There was some doubt if we could get to our next stop in Fort Stockton in time to get the dish set up to watch the game. So... we will watch it here and then make a serious effort to head home.

Rae came over this morning to say her goodbye's as she is heading to Dallas where one of her readers generously offered her a placer to park while she explores the city. She is quite happy about that. I can't believe that it has been three years since we have seen her when she spent the winter at our place.

Well, off on a quick run to Target Stores and then to watch curling.


  1. Next winter we need to sit down and watch a game of curling so you guys can teach me something about the game.

    1. We will do that Chris! In the meantime, it is sort of like darts, played horizontally on ice where you get to run alongside the dart, blowing on it to influence it's direction and speed. The best part is, the loser gets to buy the first drink after the game.

  2. You're still in San Antonio?! LOL

  3. No sense hurrying north - lots of snow and cold! Enjoy the warmth of Texas - Fredricksburg is worth the stop on your way north - lots of shopping for Norma!