Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Willcox, AZ

We are back in the Fort Willcox RV Park where we spent two days last year. It was a nice drive through three States today, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Lots of horse ranches along the way and a great highway. We were fighting a headwind all day again so we did our best to increase the oil companies profits. They still sell delicious home made pies here BTW. Frozen only right now so I am waiting for my apple pie to thaw.

We are researching a way to get to Las Vegas. We would like to go over the Hoover Dam this time. We have always wanted to but we keep hearing rumors that RV's are banned from that route. If we drove all the way to the dam (or bridge) and got stopped, it would mean a detour back to Laughlin and then go up through Searchlight, NV.

We have now been told there is no problem with RV's but the website that has the official information is down for maintenance.

Oh well, Back to the Canucks game. Tied 1-1 going into the third period. Life is good!

EDIT: Vancouver won the game 4-1 Go Canucks!


  1. You do know that you can park at the dam and Walk onto the site? It's pretty special to take the tour.

  2. They have a fancy new bridge at the dam now - we drove it last year with our truck and trailer many times - I really don't think RVs are banned - semi trucks go over it! Say hi to Kingman for us if you go that way - we love Kingman!

  3. The new bridge is right beside the dam. And you can find parking there to walk the Dam and take the tour.
    Love that area, Kingman, Oatman and Bullhead city.

  4. The bridge is the Callahan-Tillman Bridge. it's awesome in it's own right and I believe there is parking on the Nevada side, but you have to drive about a mile, exit and boomerang back toward the dam. Not sure how you get from the bridge to the dam.