Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lazy Summer Days

Lazy days here on the coast! The weather has turned good again so there are sunny days to look forward to. Short pants weather here but not the severe heat our Arizona friends are facing, I can't imagine 120 degrees plus. We would be running the A/C 24/7!

Our niece Robin and George from Alberta dropped by on their big Harley for a surprise but always welcome visit a few days ago. They were headed for the Port Hardy - Prince Rupert ferry where George wanted to follow the Yellowhead Highway #16 back to Edmonton, visiting all the places he worked during his many years with the railroad. They spent a couple of days here while they determined the weather had changed for the worse in the north and they would be riding in the rain all the way. They made the decision to head back south to Victoria and the Port Angeles ferry to Washington State and back home that way. They are like us, no schedules, no reservations and no worries when plans change.

Brooks called to say his trip up to finish the porch would be delayed a week which is fine with us. We are still using the old concrete landing and stairs so a week delay is no problem.

Norma is working in her garden and I am getting a few odd jobs done around the place as well as catching up on my reading. Lazy summer days!


  1. Nice to have relatives drop in for a visit, too bad the weather changed for them though, no matter they are touring. Yes 120 plus is a bit much I think.

  2. Forecast for here at 5K' show only high 90's for the next few days. It is cooling off, and my AC is keeping up better so far.

  3. Here in Monterrey, Mexico it has been over 40C for the last two weeks. We finish work around noon and head home for lunch and and a nap. But, we don't turn on the A/C until 5:30 for happy hour and that's in our bedroom. At midnight it shuts off, it gets warm again around 3 a.m. and I get up and open the windows and put a fan in the window. Not bad for sleeping.

    Imagine all the people in the world who sleep on their rooftops at night because they don't have A/C or even a fan. Good thing is, we can even slip into the pool at night and cool off. I hope this passes soon and not a sign of summer.

    1. I can only imagine 40 C = 104 F. Is it humid as well?

  4. Bring it on! I love the lazy hazy days of summer...