Monday, June 12, 2017


We just returned after spending a couple of days in Victoria visiting Norma's 73 year old brother who had a stroke a few weeks ago. He is in the hospital facing the confusion of having other people making decisions for him. He has a good support group of friends but was happy to have contact with his sister.

We discovered to our shock that the affordable hotels we have used in the past are now in the $200 per night range! We called Norm and Liz who we knew and worked with back in our political years. We spent a few hours catching up with each other's lives and solving the world's problems and then spent the night in their guest room. It was a very pleasant night!

Sunday morning we went back to the hospital to check in with Willea again and to make sure the staff had Norma's contact information. After an hour or so we headed back home, stopping in Qualicum Beach for a feed of fish and chips on the beach. It is about a four hour drive each way.

We are now in relaxation mode for a day or two before getting back into the job jar. We do not know exactly when Brooks is going to come back up but when he does he is bringing a roofing friend with him as Brooks is not comfortable working that high up. Things will go a lot faster with some help.

When I showed Norm and Liz the photos of our project Norm said, "You are building a Longhouse!"


  1. Hope Norma's brother progresses well and regains his strength; Dad went through a number of strokes and a major heart attack and still lived a fairly good quality of life until age 91. Attitude is everything, and he was very persistent in his physical therapy.

    Beach and I are sitting in a Fort Lauderdale airport hotel waiting for takeoff tomorrow afternoon to Havana; we took our time driving down and don't drive straight through like we use to. So, we can sympathize with Norma's and your long trip during a family emergency situation.

    1. I didn't realize it was so soon. Have fun! Let us know when you get back!

  2. We hope Willea will make it to a comfortable level of life. There seems to be little dignity in aging...

  3. Hope Norma's brother recovers to a decent level, nice that she could go visit with him.