Friday, December 22, 2017

Disappointing Change Of Plans

We had intended to drive down to Shawnigan Lake to visit Brooks and LindaLee for a few days over Christmas but we have both been fighting bad colds. Yesterday I was hit really hard and was up all night sneezing, coughing and running to the bathroom. Not good conditions for visiting anyone and I certainly do not feel like driving, specially through probable snow conditions.

We are really disappointed as we had bought a couple of salmon to take with us and had been looking forward to the visit which would have been our first Christmas together in many years as we have always been down south this time of year.

We will see them soon, just not at Christmas. Like I say, disappointing.


  1. Sorry to hear that hope you both recover quickly and i will not because you are under the weather mention the weather in San Miguel...and you know Christmas can be any time you want it to be best wishes les

    1. Thanks Les, yes we will just do it another time!

  2. You can always go for New Year's -- Hope you feel better soon

  3. Croft, so sorry for your and Norma's illnesses. I know it is easy for me to say, but "this too shall pass." Les is right, there is always a New Year's celebration with he children.

    We made it to Titusville, FL for the night. Gave Beach a sleeping pill, and he is out like a light. Traffic was horrendous and seeing one accident after another. I guess Christmas holiday is not a good time to get on an interstate. You two take good care of yourselves.

  4. That really sucks. What poor timing.
    We're sending our best wishes to you and Norma, our kindred spirits.

  5. Sorry to hear about your condition. I do understand that there is a liquid they make in Scotland that may help. I think it is measured usually in shots. Maybe (probably) you have given it a try already?

  6. Hope you feel better soon, and you can get down island to visit them.

  7. Well that just sucks. Eric and I just got over colds that lasted two weeks. Sad since you're never usually home at Christmas. Oh well New Years will have to do. All the best for 2018 Kathy and Eric