Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Time Machine

A friend found this old photo in the BC Tel / Telus Radio Shop and sent me a copy. It goes back to shortly after I transferred to Campbell River from Terrace, BC in 1989. It appears to be Dave Shaw, Gord Aikman and myself in back walking down to the helicopter pad at one of our remote VHF radio sites. Gord is the only one carrying tools. LOL. It looks like one of Okanagan Helicopters old Bell Jet Ranger 205's painted in their old colours. The 205 is the civilian version of the Huey used in the Vietnam War.


  1. No doubt the photo brought back memories. When you say "remote," how remote, say from Campbell River? I see a lot of snow on the ground, so you must be at a somewhat high altitude.

    Yep. The Huey's were a work horse in Nam. My next door neighbor, retired Army Colonel Ercie Leach, flew those in Nam. He was a Major at the time when a General wanted him to fly closer to the ground in Nam for an observation run, and Ercie was shot in the ankle/leg by a sniper, and the General had to take over. The Huey got them out of trouble quickly. When they returned to base, Ercie was put on a blood transfusion, and that blood was tainted with Hepatitis C. Ercie chose conventional treatment for the Hep. C in lieu of the experimental treatment; we lost him in 2014 at age 80, but he fought the fight admirably. Beach misses his beer drinking buddy terribly.

  2. Your friend was very lucky the General knew how to fly! Our pilot let me hold the stick a couple of times and those things are very "twitchy" to say the least!

    Most of our VHF sites were on high spots on the Islands north of Campbell River where they were mostly used by marine traffic on the Inside Passage. "Remote" more in terms of access than in distance from home. Most were within half to one hour flying time away but some were on the west coast of Vancouver Island and were more of a challenge to service. Most of the maintenance was battery related as there was no commercial power available and solar power was still in it's very early stages.

    Yes, it brought back fun memories!

  3. Just thought I would let you know that a Resolution was introduced in the House of Representatives today to start the impeachment process of our current White House occupant. A vote was taken to table the Resolution for further consideration upon completion of the Mueller investigation. This is the norm, and many votes will be taken to move the issue along as Mueller advances toward his conclusion. We are watching history being made, and this Resolution is the beginning of the end of this issue.

  4. I was aware of this motion coming forward but I did not think it would make it even as far as being tabled! This is a very positive outcome, all considered!

    1. What surprised me was that so many Republicans voted for "tabling for reconsideration." They had three choices "yes, no, and tabling."

    2. P.S. One more, a fourth choice, a member could abstain from voting.