Sunday, September 25, 2022

Done with Covid!

 After eleven days I finally got a negative test result. I followed up the next day with another test and another negative so I am done! I feel pretty good with no lingering effects except exhaustion! It took more out of me than I expected and turns simple jobs like taking the garbage down to the highway into a major project. But I will survive and I will keep checking every couple of days to make sure it stays away.

 May be an image of text that says 'COVID-19 Antigen Test'

I discovered ordering groceries online and will keep doing it on a semi regular basis, it is sure easier than pushing a cart up and down isles buying more than I need. My local grocery store has waived the fee for a personal shopper, probably because of covid. All I do is pick a time, pull into one of the designated parking spots, call the store, open the trunk and my groceries are loaded for me. Easy peasy!

I have found a local handyman to help with some of the heavier projects around here, I hired him to clean my gutters and he did an excellent job in less than two hours! You can't beat that. He is a healthy 60 year old working two part time jobs and is happy to get the extra work.

The evenings and nights are starting to turn cold so I have decided to delay getting the motorhome on the road until spring, I just don't feel like dealing with it right now,


  1. Sure happy to hear you are on the other side of Covid finally. But give your body a chance to recover. I started shopping for groceries on line during the pandemic and that's all I do now. Stops all that impulse buying. I'm kind of like a junkie in a grocery store. Pick your time, pull up, and they bring it put to you. Love it.

  2. Good to hear your on the mend .. We just had a visit in Kelowna visited with Contessa and Colin.. Want to let you know we live in Hidden Harbour.. Hoping to meet up .. Susie

  3. Great to hear you are on the mend and not doing your gutters a great decision..stay safe and next spring I will start to bug you again about the motor home.cheers les

  4. Hope the side effects are short term. There have been differing reports on how long they last and how each person responds. Good call on the groceries. Walmarts seem to be continuing that to the car delivery, so must be beneficial for them as well.

  5. ALL good news! I started getting groceries during covid and they deliver free here in San Miguel! On top of that, if I want items from Costco in Queretaro, I have a woman who goes and gets things on my list and charges a nominal fee! Life is sure a lot easier then it used to be! Take care