Thursday, May 14, 2009

Campbell River to Oliver, BC

I headed over to Vancouver on the 3:00 ferry yesterday. It was a two hour trip that sailed by two schools of dolphin playing in the surf. The sight of them made the fact that I had just paid $191 for a one way ticket a little easier to take!

I called the Plaza Mobile RV Park in Surrey to see if they had a spot for for the night and was told they had a no hook-up grass site for $21. This is quite cheap for the Vancouver area so I took it. I asked for a late checkout as my retirees meeting was at 11:00 and I thought it might go until 2:00. She told me there was no problem.

I fired up the generator to heat up a frozen pasta meal in the microwave and then I watched TV with the inverter until I went to sleep. The new wiring job on the inverter seems to be working well. There was a momentary alarm as I connected both the TV and the computer but it went out immediately and everything ran.

My meeting went on longer than I expected and it was almost 5:00 before I got back to the RV park so I just paid for one more night. I went to bed early and got a nice early start before 7:00 the next morning. It was a good trip but there was quite a bit of snow on the Hope - Princeton Highway!

I got to the Maple Leaf RV Park in Oliver, had a beer with Rick, the friendly owner and then visited my old friends Tom and Betty Richardson for a half hour before I did a little grocery shopping and returned to the motorhome to have something to eat and settle down for the night. My friends will start arriving tomorrow. There will not be as many of us here this year. We have had as many as fifty here for the long weekend in the past but this year it will probably be as few as ten or fifteen. Age is starting to take a toll on our group!




  1. Wow, I can't believe there is still snow on the ground. Looks like you guys need to spend more time in Mexico next year!

  2. You can say that again Chris!

  3. Ah, Oliver, my least favourite town in Canada. No love lost there. :)

    But the Maple Leaf is a nice RV park with sane staff. Highly recommended! :)

    As for snow, they're calling for minus five and a couple of centimetres here in Watson Lake. It's presently 10 and sunny with no snow. Crazy winter we've had!

    (Running the gen set to microwave dinner; wouldn't it have been cheaper to grab fast food?!)

  4. You don't suppose that white stuff on the ground had anything to do with the declining numbers at your meeting?