Monday, December 28, 2009



Yesterday we drove to the nearby puebla of Bernal. Les came over to join us and asked if we would mind waiting in the town for three hours while he climbed the huge Monolith the the village was built beside. This monolith towers over the village and is one of the three largest of it’s kind in the world. There is a trail that goes slightly over half way up and after that you need rock climbing gear to get to the top. Les wanted to go as far as the trail went. I walked over to tell Juan and Chris where we were going and to invite them along. They were on their way to the gym for their daily workout but quickly decided it would be a lot more fun to climb the monolith! Les has climbing partners! Bruno and Celine then loaded Bruno and Micheline into their truck and our small caravan of three vehicles left for the one hour drive to Bernal.



Bernal is a colourful little “true” Mexican village, one of only 34 Pueblo Magicos and was very busy since Sunday was market day. Les, Chris and Juan immediately left in Chris’ car for the base of the monolith and we arranged to meet in three hours. The rest of us did not attempt to find street parking but drove directly to a large parking lot where we paid $30 pesos to park for the day. The narrow streets were lined with booths and the shops were all open displaying their goods. The women were in their glory with so much shopping and such reasonable prices. We saw only three or four other white faces all day so this was “real” Mexico! There was colour everywhere so I happily spent my time photographing while Norma shopped. It was a great day.




Soon Norma and I and our Quebecois friends found a great little restaurant for lunch. Bruno found grasshoppers on the menu and quickly decided to try them! He claims they were very good although only his wife accepted his offer and tried one!


It was a great day and we were soon rejoined by the climbers and we headed home for Happy Hour.

Juan, Les and Chris with the top of the conquered monolith in the background:



  1. The Harts, friends from Colorado, lived in Bernal for about a year - looks to be a terrific place.

    Thanks for the tour.

    Happy New Year Amigo!

  2. Great trip this year i am enjoying the pictures. Only wish i could taste the food online, where to next?