Thursday, December 10, 2009

San Miguel de Allende

We got a fairly good sleep last night at the Leon WalMart. There was a bit of traffic through the parking lot that passed right beside the motorhome and the parking lot lights stayed on bright all night. But for the price, it was OK. We had breakfast at El Portion restaurant and headed out by 10.

We took the long way to San Miguel de Allende (which I will call SMA from now on) through Celaya. Just outside Celaya we found a tiny little cheese factory where we stocked up with about ten pounds of delicious local quesos for $150 pesos. What a deal and we just may drive back there before we leave SMA.

We checked into the La Siesta RV Park and found a spot with a little shade. We paid $6,480 Pesos for one month which works out to less than $20 CAN per day. The park has WIFI but it is only available near the office. There is a chicken place on the corner with free WIFI so I aimed my Hawking dish at it and gave it a try. I am seeing a great signal from them and am using it right now. Thanks Pollo Feliz!

We set up the Star Choice and then drove over to see if Les and Sara were home at their nearby RV Park. We had a nice visit with them and then we all went out to the nearby steak house for dinner. It was nice to meet Sara and she is just like we expected her to be. We really like her and think Les is a very lucky guy!

Photo compliments of Les:

steak house


  1. Pollo Feliz? That is the funniest name I have ever seen for a chicken restaurant. LOL!

    Settled for a month, huh? How about sharing some pics of the campground?

    As for the queso place, I'm adding it to my list of places to visit. :)

  2. Just for future reference, what is the benefit staying at the La Siesta RV Park compared to the San Miguel RV Park and Tennis Courts? It seems there is quite a big difference in price.

  3. Rae, you are right, the chickens do not look all that happy! I will take some photos of the campground.

    Kevin, San Miguel RV Park is where our friends are staying. The problem is, anything over 24 feet cannot make the turn from the narrow street and through their gate. Also, the Siesta does have a pool, although it is yet to be seen if it is usable...