Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Doc Severinsen Show

Well, last night was the show! It was a small, intimate venue and the sound was terrific! Doc played with a band of four and he has lost none of his talent over the years. They played for well over two hours with one break when he circulated through the audience, talking and signing CD’s.

The music was his newly developing Latin Influenced Jazz mixed with Django Reinhardt style Gypsy music. It was very entertaining!

We had a long chat with him while he told us about his purchase of a ranch near SMA and his love of Mexico. He said, “If I ever suggested to my wife that I would like to move back to the USA, she would wave goodbye and tell me to have a good time!”

Doc is a young 82, still very sharp and fits well into a pair of tight jeans! His trumpet playing is as powerful as ever. We watched Doc for many years on the Johnny Carson Show and it was a real treat to see him in person!

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  1. Wow! What a fantastic happenstance, you and Norma finding out about this show! Thanks for sharing the pics; it looks like it was awesome!

    (Is Norma blushing in that picture?!)

  2. What a kick! How cool that he's still playing too. Sounds like a great evening.