Sunday, November 18, 2012


I love Yuma weather (when the wind is not blowing). 80 in the daytime and 60 at night. Just about perfect!

Our friend Muff dropped by for a bit today. He is just getting over some medical problems and feels like he has gone a few rounds with Mohamed Ali. He is slowly recovering and of course the good news is they are here! Muff and I started working together in 1967 near Vancouver and although we moved on to different locations and jobs within BC Tel, we have remained friends with him and Val through the years. We will get together again for a short Happy Hour.

The old row here at Cocopah is thinning out. Muff and Val bought a park model and are moving to another part of the park this week, Dave and Sharon from Spokane bought a park model in another park, Perry and Sharon moved to another park and Carl and Gina bought a park model a few rows away this year. It is pretty much just us in the old row this year. A couple of things are to blame for the changes. The rates are going up quite a bit in January and the golf pro was let go with some of the golfers not liking the way he was treated by management. All of this combined with the general economy made for some good deals in park models. Things change.

The BC Lions are playing in the Western Finals against Calgary. Calgary is playing the better game and are leading at the moment. Sad times for Lions fans like me.


  1. You just can't take 2 weeks off and maintain the edge. They've been tentative all game and may end up watching a Calgary-Toronto Grey Cup.

  2. While spending time in McAllen, we have found some really good deals on park models. Some with added on sun rooms, many around 10 years old selling fully furnished for under 15K. Cheaper than a car. Good part is, you don't have to lift a finger. Everything is included. Have fun!

  3. There is a lot of politicking going on in some of those parks. My in-laws live in a park model and try to keep out of it; mostly any way!

    Glad you are having good weather & having fun.