Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ageing Has Downsides

Like travel medical insurance rates. I just bought 171 days worth of insurance for the two of us. $2,560! Last year it was just over $2000 but we used a different company that we had no experience with. They charge less for time spent in Mexico. We had to decide when we were entering and leaving Mexico and it caused a bit of a hassle when we decided to leave Mexico early because of Norma's fall and our desire to get home. We had to make phone calls and pay more money. It was not a big deal but this year we decided to go back to our old company - Desjardins, the company that flew us home several years ago when Norma broke her hip in Tucson.

I still have to call Lapita at San Xavier Mexico Insurance for the vehicle insurance. That is always a painless process and they email the papers to me to be printed. I will do that tomorrow.

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  1. Wow, I'm glad I started RVing young! Quotes for insurance this winter range from $313 to $900 for comparable policies. You can guess which one I'm going with.

    So glad to see you guys getting ready to hit the road!