Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Algodones, MX

We parked the car on the US side and walked into Algodones. The hustlers and “guides”  are at you right away asking if you want dentists, prescriptions or glasses. If you show any interest they will lead you to the store that gives them the most money for their services. We always say “no thanks” as we know where we want to go for everything.

First stop was Algodones Optical. I quickly learned that the anti reflective coating my optometrist in Campbell River told me I should have would take two weeks to have done. Well, that is out. I will try again further down in Mexico when we park for a while. It is not an emergency as my glasses are still good and I have my last pair for backup. Norma, on the other hand had broken her pair and was using her backups. She ordered  a new pair without the anti reflective coating and they were ready in three hours.

While we were waiting we had some fish tacos and then found a small jewelry store where Norma asked to have her jade ring, which had a tiny diamond chip missing, looked at. After looking through his loupe he said he had a diamond chip the same size and could do it while we waited (and watched) for $30 US. I know we took a chance on the quality of the stone but it is so tiny, you almost need a magnifying glass to even see it. They offered to clean the ring (and all our other jewelry) for free. The last time she had that ring tightened and cleaned back home it was almost $200 so it was a good deal no matter what.

The young jeweler started working but discovered he had to solder which meant taking the jade stone out. As he was bending the claws that held the stone one of the claws that was badly worn, broke. He said he could replace it for another $30 so that is what he did. The job took him two hours and the total cost was $60 US. The owner of the store kept me entertained with stories and free shots of tequila while Norma watched and worried as the jeweler worked.

If you need a jeweler in Algodones, the place is called Rodeo Drive at Plaza Pueblo #206. It is in the same inside mall as the main Algodones Optical store. It is straight down the street from the border, in the second block on the left side of the street. Nice, friendly guys and not out to rip you off.

When Norma retired in 2003, we treated each other to heavy, matching gold bracelets. Mine cost $1100 and hers $900. As the Algodones jeweler was cleaning hers, he asked what she had paid. He asked if she wanted to know what it was worth today, pulled out his electronic scale and told her $2,800! Mine weighs about 25% more. I love gold!


  1. That last statement makes you sound like Gold Member from Austin Powers movies. What a good deal. My magic beans never did anything :)

  2. That last comment is spam!!

    $60.00 is a great price. Well done.

    Ahhh, Croft we all know you love gold and dollars and pesos and quality Scotch!!!!

  3. Yes, the very odd spam does sneak through. Google's spam filter seems to be getting better.

    Chris' vision of Gold Member snapped me out of it!

  4. Excellent deal for the ring repair, as always good deals to be had there if you are careful.

  5. Great deal on the rings. I love gold too - I just don't have any.

  6. Sorry we missed you in Algodones - would have been nice to meet each other in person!

  7. Sounds like you have Algodones nailed. Cheap jewelry repair, fish tacos and free shots of tequila - sounds pretty darned good to me.

  8. That was a good day in Algadones. We enjoy spending a few days traipsing around the town when we are in the Yuma area.

  9. croft we are so close to you right now its scary ...we are over in yuma on 3300 4th south at capri rv park ..was up to cocpah and wanted to golf ,,but the girl was not very friendly to our playing.needed to make tee times and was put in a queue of about 10-15 people ,,so we left and went to the Q casino and then over to algodones and walked around for a bit ..as you say lots of hustlers and the lot ..ok have A GOOD time there and maybe catch up to you sometime this week

  10. Hey forget the other jewlers go around the back to that little alley way and find the Mine. Awesome jewelry free drinks and party central. The owner is Ruly. A must stop.

  11. Forget the other jewlers. Find the little alley around the back of the main stores and find the Mine. Awesome jewelry and party central. Been going there for years. Great deals and free drinks.Ruly and his brother Victor run the show. Well worth the visit.

    1. We know the spot Len, they have done some repairs for us. Your comment went to moderation as this is a 2012 post.