Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blogger Problem Fixed

A couple of weeks ago the toolbar on my Blogger page in Chrome dissapeared on one of my computers. It was fine on the other three Windows computers so I knew it was something specific to my laptop. I could not fix it so I Googled the problem and found several other bloggers were experiencing the same thing but there were no solutions offered. I switched to FireFox for posting blogs from the laptop.

This went on until today when I decided to see if reloading Chrome would help. That was the solution. I opened Chrome and the toolbar was there! Now I can post from Chrome again.


  1. My Chrome is having problems loading pages. It says I have the most current version. Did a scan and no viruses. Emptied cookies and cache and still loads pages intermittently. As if I didn't have enough frustrations trying to sign up on the health insurance exchange (yup, still can't get it to work).

    1. Try uninstalling and re-installing Chrome. That is what worked for me. It giveg you the option of saving your bookmarks and settings. Take that option.

      The Health Care thing? Sorry, can't help. Is there a toll free number you can call and wait and wait......?

    2. I'll give that a try. I hesitated because I didn't want to lose settings.

    3. The uninstaller will give you the option of keeping your settings. It works.