Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't Be Mad

Don't be mad at me. At 68 I am finally learning that if I have nothing to say, then keep my mouth shut. Something I should have learned fifty years ago and probably something my readers think I should have been practicing for a long time.

We had a fun weekend with a visit from our old Terrace friend Dave MacKinnon and his new wife, Susan. We had been friends with Dave and Dorothy for years and unfortunatly Dorothy passed away several years ago. On one of Dave's trips back to PEI he ran into Susan, his old high school flame and things connected between them. We really like Susan and we had a great couple of days visit. They live half the year in Burnaby, BC and half the year on Dave's old family property on PEI. They recently installed an RV hookup on their PEI property and tell us we now have no excuse to not visit.

We are getting things ready to leave and to get the house ready for Dave and Doris to move in. Norma finally has her garden put to bed for the winter and has given the motorhome a thorough cleaning. Clothing and food have to be moved in and we are ready!

We have a wedding to attend near here on November 9 so we will be delayed until then. The wedding is at a resort on the highway leading south so we will park the motorhome there and on the morning of the 10'th, head to Victoria and the Port Angeles, WA ferry. I can already feel the sun!


  1. We won't be far behind you. We'll be rolling out on the 14th of November.

  2. you have someone in the house for the journey down if you turn left instead of right I might see you...does Norma have someone looking after the deer for the winter too.....les

  3. Mad??? How could I ever get mad at you?
    Especially with those attractive psychedelic projector lines lighting up your face... :)