Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another Long Day

I had trouble sleeping in the hotel last night. By the time I realized it was the A/C - heater unit clicking on and off that was waking me up every few minutes it was almost time to get up. My cab was there at 5:20 and I was at the airport in plenty of time to learn to use the self check-in computer which prints your own boarding pass and luggage tag.

Our assigned aircraft never showed up so they had to substitute one with a different seat configuration so that meant dozens of people (including me) had to be re-issued boarding passes. We were an hour late leaving Toronto but this didn't matter because I have to wait in Vancouver for my Victoria flight anyway. Mind you, I could have used the extra hour sleep last night!

Anyway, I am stretched out on a seat in the Vancouver Airport and it is not worth trying to sleep because my flight boards in less than an hour. Did I mention, I hate air travel!


  1. I am with you on flying. I traveled extensively in my work world and flying is the one thing I do no miss.

  2. Sorry Croft my only comment is that any flight I take now I take in regular hours so no early morning starts and with going to the UK with time difference takes me days to recover..so far I have not had to outlay extra dollars and I arrive relatively fresh...glad you are home cheers les

  3. We love air travel. Even if it's at oddball hours. I'm sitting here thinking about why we love it so much, and I can't quite figure it out. Because there can certainly be frustrating moments. I guess it's something to do with the excitement of going somewhere different. And neither one of us seem to have problems adjusting to time differences, so don't feel any "jet-lag".

  4. Croft, you just need to have more relatives across the country so you can take shorter flights. Stopping off for a day in Edmonton or Winterpeg would be easier on you. You also need to get off the Island. Those connecting times are murder on the system.

  5. I certainly hope you're home by now.

    1. It was a marathon but I made it home early last night.. Of course I could not go to sleep right away so all in all I was up for 22 hours! Almost a record!