Friday, August 29, 2014

Jiminy Cricket!

We all know the piercing sound of a cricket. They actually make this sound by rubbing their wings together, not their legs as is widely believed. As they rub their wings together, they also hold their wings up in the air creating an acoustical reflecting device which projects the sound and makes it very difficult to locate the source.

Such was the case last night when Jiminy Cricket found his way into our kitchen. It took both of us to narrow down his location to behind (or inside the workings of) the fridge. It was late and I did not want to pull the fridge out because doing so marks the laminate floor as we had found out previously. I would have had to go out to the workshop for a piece of plywood to do this task. I turned out the lights and it's chirping slowed down so I closed the kitchen door and we had a peaceful night.

This morning I got up ready to round him up and to relocate him to the bush out back but all was silent and I could not find him. Hopefully he found his way back outside during the night and will not try to sing us to sleep again tonight.

Walt Disney's Jiminy Cricket


  1. Good luck with your unwelcome guest.

  2. Best of luck with that. At least our crickets are gentlemanly enough to stay outdoors.

  3. We've had that problem in the past and Juan is a good cricket hunter. I give up too easily! I hope he found his way out.

  4. That could drive a person crazy at night - hope he's gone for good.