Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Newest Favorite Cup!

I have a new favorite cup! A few weeks ago I had a terrible accident when my favorite cup fell onto the concrete patio and shattered into a million pieces! It was a terrible day as there were no more cups that I really liked. The broken one was from The Dancing Eagle Casino just west of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It was a free gift from the casino and it was white and had an image of the Dancing Eagle on it. It was a perfect cup! Since it broke I have been searching for a new cup, finally settling on a well worn cup from the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas. It was a poor replacement as most of the finish had been worn away by repeated cycles in the dish washer.

After a lot of study and research I settled on obtaining a replacement favorite mug from Tim Horton's doughnut chain. Thinking this would be simple, I asked at the downtown Tim Horton's when we were in there with Paula the other day. To my great surprise, they refused to sell me a mug even though they had dozens, maybe even hundreds of them in plain sight. No negotiating, just, "They're not for sale"!

Well, I have to admit I started planning how I could get one without them noticing the loss. I am not saying "stealing" one because I would have left a substantial tip that would more than cover the cost of the mug. As soon as I mentioned this to Norma she would not hear of it. She called it stealing.

Today she headed out in the car to the Tim Horton's on the other end of town for a box of doughnuts and on her way out the door I told her to ask if she could buy a cup. Well this time it worked! They would not sell her one of the "regular" size cups but brought out a brand new "medium" size mug from the back which they sold her for $11. Quite a price and it is slightly bigger than what feels comfortable in my hand but it i says it is made in England. This is still a work in progress but this mug will do until a better one comes along.


  1. Ha! That's just too funny! Enjoy your java!

  2. Strange they wouldn't want to sell coffee cups. After all, it has their advertising on them.

  3. if this is your biggest problem this year it will be a great one...enjoy that cup and the mere mention of Timmies gets my taste buds rolling cheers les

  4. My favourite cup is an all metal affair, or as my son-in-law puts it, my "twelve dollar hobo cup". Was a gift and originally came from Lee Valley I think. Can't break it, BUT can't put it in the microwave either. Not necessarily because of the metal, but the handle is made from a material that gets rather smelly when heated. Don't ask.

  5. Good story about the loss of a dear friend.
    I do have my favourite coffee mug as well and just keeps on going would hate to loose it.

  6. Go look at Homesense, they will have a million to choose from! At least we did when I worked there for 13 years.

  7. When I saw the picture I assumed I was going to read your confession of putting the mug in your pocket on the way out. I admit that I did consider for a minute 'lifting' one when I walked down and got donuts that morning. I chickened out, though. I knew Norma would not have been happy with me.

    1. I suspect the reason they are selling these much larger mugs is that they were not popular when they offered them as a larger, more expensive serving of coffee. I do not really like the cup, the coffee gets cold before I can finish it so I would much prefer the smaller size so the jury is still out. literally. Good to get proof of life from you BTW.