Friday, October 7, 2016

Midnight Drainage Digging

So at around midnight we were awakened by torrential rain. We looked out at the bank and sure enough everything was plugged up and the stream was flowing across the patio and down the driveway. So here we were, a couple of 70 some year olds, shoveling gravel in the middle of the night! We built a rim around the small pond formed by the bank and that let the water find some clean drain tile which started taking maybe 80% of the water, the other 20% continuing down the driveway. We left it at that, went to bed and started calling our drainage guy at 7:15 AM only to get his answering machine. At 10:00 AM, after a half dozen calls, he called back and said he will be here this afternoon.

It has quit raining but there is more called for tomorrow. I hope he is taking us seriously when we say it is an emergency! We have two neighbours, a good neighbour and a bad neighbour and the stream is affecting both of them. The good neighbour is away but if the bad neighbour catches on to what is going on there will be hell to pay.


  1. Good luck with your drainage problems, no pictures???

  2. You guys,nothing worse than up at midnight,in the rain,with a shovel.good luck with fix and that neighbor..