Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tiny House

I have been dropping hints to my son, Brooks about building a tiny house on spec. He and LindaLee were up for the night on Tuesday and he told me he is going to build one! His friend and neighbor is a licensed electrician and is going to help him. One end of the tiny house will be double(ish) in height and will contain the kitchen and sleeping loft while the other end will contain the living area. It will be built in two parts in his workshop and as each end is completed it will be moved by truck to the back of his property which is on it's own street and placed on a pad, just like an RV. It will not be seen from their house. The two halves will be connected together, hooked up to utilities and rented out. It will serve as a "display home" for future customers who could choose to have one built on a trailer or delivered to their own pad anywhere on the Island. He already has a renter who will take reduced rent in return for allowing it to be shown with minimal notice. A win-win situation.

Like so many people starting to think about retirement, They do not have a pension plan so their rental properties will become their retirement income. If all works out the way they plan this income will be much greater than mine!

I can't wait to see some design plans!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful concept hope it works out for him.

  2. will be interesting to see the end result

  3. What a good idea, hope it works for him, he's lucky to have property large enough to do that.

  4. The tiny house movement is in full swing in North America. Is he planning a website? We might be interested...

    1. Maybe he will get a website later on when/if he gets into development. It would be ideal for people who want a basic home port while they travel. I will post everything as he gets going.

  5. We watch every tiny house on tv. Some homes that are built really surprise us on how smart the design is, others are stupid. Good plan for his future. When do you head out?

  6. I can't believe the amount of interest in these things! My Facebook posting on the same subject is going crazy!

  7. Trouble is they are illegal most everywhere due to zoning and building code restrictions.
    Many you see lately on TV are merely RVs on wheels which are again illegal to live in on a property deignated for single family.
    If it's legal to have a guest house on your property it must be built to standards determined by the code in your area and not a craft project by a cabinet maker like the TV shows.
    Where I live some guest houses are legal if you have a lot larger than 10,000 sq ft but no kitchen is allowed since it is a single family zoning. Some zoning allows "accessory buildings" like shops, but do not allow a shower only toilet and sink.
    TV shows have been misleading and I saw one show where the woman bought a creative small home and could not move it anywhere except a mobile home park.