Monday, October 10, 2016


Things are under control. Not resolved but under control.

It rained hard once after the stain on the ceiling and no more water came down so it seems my diagnosis is correct, the northeast wind drove the rain into the new vent. I will get my retired roofer / lawn mower to look at it. There may be a solution other than removing it.

The drainage has been temporarily fixed. The drainage guy came over and shoveled a lot of gravel out of the trench, exposing clean gravel and drain pipe that is now easily handling the flow. He is coming back on "Tuesday, maybe even Monday but no later than Wednesday". He again reminded us that many other people in Campbell River have drainage problems as a result of that storm. I am OK wit a short wait now that the emergency is over.

We now have time to get back to more important things. We took a salmon out of the freezer and will stuff it for a Thanksgiving Dinner. We wanted to invite Brooks and LindaLee up but Brooks is working all weekend so that is great for him. He has another huge project going on his property where he is finishing up building a new, larger workshop on the corner of his property where there is more room for storing finished fence panels and lumber outside. He will then move everything over from the old workshop and begin turning the old shop into yet another rental suite for which he already has a renter. He is going through money right now and cannot turn down work. We will get to see him soon.


  1. Nice to get the drainage issue under control and hope the water leak issue is resolved too.

  2. Trying to keep up is why we are here ;-)

  3. Always a matter of keeping up ;-)

  4. Good to know things are under control. Hopefully it will all be in place for the big storm hits this weekend. Good luck.