Friday, August 6, 2010

Mom's Birthday Today

Happy Birthday Mom! You would have been 101 today.

This is mom, dad and me in Edmonton in about 1949. Dad built that house 9 or 10 years earlier all by himself without borrowing a nickel. He bought material as he went and slowly it went up, all 600 (24X25) square feet of it. They moved in with plywood floors and tar-paper and batten board exterior. Siding, hardwood and carpet were luxuries that could wait for a year or so and be paid for with saved rent money.

We drove by the house last year and it is obviously a rental and in terrible repair but still standing. They sold it in 1955 for about $5000.

And yes, not necessary to comment. I WAS a cute kid!

To us, this was a palace! My sister's room was in the attic, my brother's in the basement and mine on the main floor where they could keep an eye on me. My sister had to climb a ladder in my closet to get to her room. She is 18 years older than me and didn't stick around very long.

The colorized photo is the finished product in about 1950. I cannot remember anything about the antenna on the roof! We had no TV (even after it came out in Edmonton) so it must have been radio. I am drawing a blank.

Dad eventually built a two story garage out back that was larger than the house.


  1. What a sweet and loving post. :) And yes, you were a cute kid.

  2. Do I spy a skinned knee? What kind of mischief were you up to? Judy

  3. I sure wish I had some old photos from my early days, great post!
    (cute kid haha)

    Sounds like some great memories there.