Monday, August 9, 2010

Still Battling The Deer

Norma is still battling the deer over her flowers. She is now getting up at 6:00 so she can stand guard at the kitchen window. She was up even earlier today and chased them away twice before I got up at 8:30.

We have ordered a product from the States called a Wireless Deer Fence. It consists of posts that you put in the ground and load with scent capsules and batteries. When a deer is attracted by the scent and takes a sniff he is jolted by a capacitor discharge shock. This is supposed to make him avoid the area where he was shocked. The scent and batteries are supposed to last a whole year.

Six posts and two years worth of scent cost $130. I think our deer are smarter than Indiana deer and will simply avoid smelling the posts after they get their first shock. I am not very optimistic!


  1. Here in Colorado the best deer repellant is Mountain lion poop, which you spread around your property. So get a shovel and plastic bag, head for the hills and be careful. All the best. Patrick

  2. Thanks Patrick but how do you get a mountain lion to poop near your flower garden? ;)

    Our son has a dog that is part wolf and when he needs a shave, we will get the hair. Trouble is, he never shaves!

  3. Dog hair, mountain lion poop, this neighborhood is getting pretty raunchy! I suppose an electric fence is out of the question?