Monday, August 16, 2010

Too Tired To Swallow!

After putting in 60 person-hours between the three of us laying almost 1000 square feet of bamboo flooring over the weekend, I am shot! It did not help that it was over 30 degrees in the shade all weekend so it was difficult to keep up with the water loss from sweat and I must have drank a gallon of water a day. It was a rough time for a 66 year old. We were eating breakfast this morning and I guess I was just sitting there with my eyes glazed over. Linda asked, "Aren't you hungry?" and I answered, "Yes, I am just too tired to swallow!" Even Brooks, who is only 39.8 was complaining! He and Linda work hard but flooring uses different muscles than fencing and his lower body was hurting.

With me, everything hurts, even my teeth! I have bamboo slivers in my hands and I don't know if I am allergic or what but they are all festered and I can't make a fist. I now know what it is like to have bamboo shoved under your fingernails! I am trying to carve them out with my tiny Swiss Army Knife. I am in my recliner in front of the big screen and I am not moving! It even hurts to breath..

On Friday I had 50 boxes of flooring, a table saw and a radial arm saw, both with razor sharp blades. Sunday night we had 10 boxes of flooring (for closets and computer room), a radial arm saw that no longer has a functioning trigger and two very dull blades. We ended up not using as much flooring as we were advised to buy because, thanks to Brooks' precise measuring and Linda's genius with the saws, we had nowhere near the 10% waste expected. In fact our waste was probably under 1%. That means we will probably end up taking five boxes (about $300 worth) back to Home Depot! It will pay for the Extra Strength Tylenol I will be needing to recover.


  1. Well I am sure the aches and pains will go away after a few days and you will be left only with the memories and a beautiful floor. Nice job.

  2. The floors do look beautiful. Sorry to hear you are all done in. Just stay in that recliner a while, take the drugs and after a while it will only be a bad memory. Oh, Scotch may help too when you aren't too high on other drugs. (Voice of experience, you know.)

  3. Just remember that you will never have to go through this again. ;-)