Thursday, August 12, 2010

Watch It Deer!

The Big Guns Are Out Now!

The Wireless Deer Fence arrived today. We ordered six posts (3 per pack) and I inserted batteries and scent pellets. The scent lasts a month and the batteries a year. There is a strong, pleasant odor and when the deer stick their noses onto the top for a sniff, they get a capacitor discharge shock of 500 volts (but very small amperage so it will not hurt them). After a couple of times, they associate that odor and location with the shock and stay far away.

In the FAQ part of the website, someone asks about harm to hummingbirds and the answer was that hummingbirds are not attracted to the smell and even if they were, their beaks are too small to span two wires so they cannot get a shock.

We will watch carefully for a couple of days to see how they work.

The flooring got delivered today and Brooks and Linda are coming up this weekend to help install it. It will be a busy weekend and I will have to stock up on my extra strength Tylenol!

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  1. Great blog. Been reading your posts for a while.

    As far as the deer go: We lived in rural Eastern Oregon and had vegetable and perennial gardens that a family of deer liked to devour. They were eleven deer in all and they would visit us beginning in July and going through the fall to eat up all of our fallen apples.

    The only thing that EVER worked were those motion detector sprinklers called The ScareCrow. You hook them up to a hose. They are 9Volt battery operated. You aim the sensor towards the area of the garden that you are trying to prevent deer from entering. As soon as the sensor picks up movement, the sprinkler comes on for a blast of water.

    I had two of them. And we never had the deer ever again wander into the areas where they were not wanted.

    Here is a link to the product at Amazon:

    I got mine for under $60, but that was when they first came out. We were going on vacation and needed a way to keep deer out while we were gone. This was a desperation purchase for us based on a recommendation from a friend who also had success, but it ended up being the only thing that worked.

    Good Luck.