Friday, February 4, 2011

Cold Times In The South

As much as I complain about the weather here in Biloxi, others are getting it worse. Here are conditions in places where other friends are right now.

Rod from Campbell River, BC had his water hose freeze in Yuma, AZ.

The Bayfield Bunch are thawing out plumbing in –2F (-18C) near Benson, AZ.

The Radio Girl and her “Fella” are “cuddling” in 17F (-8C) nights near Tucson, AZ

Wandering Willie is reportedly frozen solid in Columbus, New Mexico.

Eve and Steve are freezing at 20F (-7C) in Port Aransas, TX.

Alistair and Mary are shivering at 23F (-5C) in the Rio Grande Valley, TX’

Chris and Juan in Monterrey, Mexico are also experiencing 20F (-7C).

On the other hand,

Les, aka “Mexico Kid” has been tanning in the sun in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Jonna and Mimi are enjoying 88F (31C) (Jonna would like it warmer) in Merida, Mexico.

John Calypso says “Great weather down here in Puerto Escondido amigo (same as last year and the year before, and...)

Would someone please remind me why we decided to stay in the USA this year?

Right now it is 39F (4C) and raining here in Biloxi, Mississippi. This temperature seems to be similar to our next stop in Mobile, Alabama so we may move there after our week is up here on Monday. Norma is feeling a little better so we might actually be able to see some of Biloxi in the next couple of days.



  1. Makes me glad I stayed in Canada. 0 in Osoyoos right now, but PLUS 8 in Abbotsford!

  2. This too shall pass....

    footnote: 41F in Nebraska tomorrow. A welcome thaw.

    Bill in NE

  3. I'm sorry you are in the cold my friends. It is gorgeous here, nights in the high 60's - perfect sleeping weather - and high 80's days. Humidity around 50% and the sun is shining. I spent the day going from nursery to nursery with my friend who is about to landscape a large yard. My favorite kind of day; sunny, warm and surrounded by blooming plants!

  4. I have to agree with Brenda, lots of people stayed "away" from mexico this year.

    I personally would have headed down if I had the opportunity.

    Just to escape the cold!!! Yikes!

  5. Thanks for the link, Croft! Nice to see we're not suffering alone :)
    Although it hit 18 in the sun today in southern Arizona, so things are looking up.
    I was going through your older posts and saw the photos of New Orleans. Having been there a few times in the past, your pics definitely brought back memories. Great posts!