Sunday, February 27, 2011


We are packing to leave at 8:00 in the morning. I should say Norma is packing. She is trying to cram everything she owns into two suitcases. The trip is four days, two on the ship and two in a hotel in the Bahamas.

She asked me what I was taking and I said, "What I will be wearing plus one pair of light pants, two pair of shorts, three shirts, a toothbrush and a comb, it is only for four days".  Now she is calling me names. Sometimes you just can't win!


Almost a Crisis!

Paul came over about two hours ago to say he had lost his wallet! We searched both his cars, his motorhome, boat, all over the yard and throughout the house, everywhere he had been in the last two days. He was almost positive it was beside the computer in his office so we did a through search there, even in the garbage can. We checked everywhere all over again for a good hour. Paul was afraid Bahamas Customs would want picture ID other than his passport so this was a crisis in the making. Dodie and her DIL came home from shopping and we left the four of them to continue searching.

The wallet finally turned up under a pile of clothing Dodie had pulled out to sort through for the trip. Crisis averted! Why do things like this happen just before leaving on a trip?


  1. Hi Norma:
    Remember to roll your clothes and you can get way more in your suitcase. You may not be able to carry it but Croft can carry it for you! He could also be a pal and let you put clothes in his suitcase or, if you don't have enough with you just go shopping. Eric always made me carry my suitcase when we traveled so he wouldn't get a hernia!

    Have fun,

  2. We always take more than we need in the clothes dept.

    The crisis - yes enough to make one nervous.