Thursday, March 10, 2011


We went to one of the local seafood places for dinner tonight. We decided to order a couple of appetizers and maybe have something more later. It was a good thing we didn't order anything else as the appetizers were huge. The order of crab cakes had four cakes on the plate and the "seafood boats" consisted of three potatoes cut in half and stuffed with shrimp, scallops, cheese, sun dried tomatoes and topped with hollandaise sauce. They were delicious but come on! Three potatoes?

We had no room left for anything else. We were full. I guess most people eat these huge portions of food here in the USA and the people at the next table actually did order appetizers as well as a meal. Good luck to them!


  1. I am shocked by the huge portions!

    My last meal at Applebee's coincided with half price appys. So, I got one and a meal. Out of both items I got dinner, two snacks, and a full lunch!