Sunday, February 12, 2012

As Far As We Can Go!

We woke up early Saturday and continued our trip to Chetumal. It was an uneventful 175 KM drive on great roads that took about two and a half hours. As we approached town a pickup truck pulled along side of us on the highway and beeped. It was our friend Kathe, an American expat who moved down here years ago and bought a beautiful piece of property right on the Chetumal Bay. Our mutual friends Jan and Whit had been here visiting her a month or so ago and Whit had bumped into Kathe's truck and done a little damage to the tailgate. Kathe had since gotten an estimate for repairs and Whit had given me the cash to deliver to her. It was a relief to hand over the money because I was afraid that I would forget that I had it and that Kathe would be too nice to ask for it. Yes I know, stupid but things like this bother me. I could see myself back at home finding the bundle of cash still in the safe and feeling like an idiot. Anyway, the cash is handed over and after an invitation by Kathe to visit her place, we carried on to the Yax Ha RV Resort.

This is one of the nicest RV parks in Mexico! It is right on the Bay of Chetumal and the bedroom window is about five feet from the water. Price is $300 pesos a night or $350 if you stay only one night. We paid in advance for seven nights ($164 CAN). There is a gentle breeze to keep the bugs away and to make it easy to sleep at night. The temperature was 92F when we arrived and at 8 o'clock this morning it is 69F! Perfect weather!

It was difficult finding a spot to set up the StarChoice dish because of all the palm trees (everyone should have these problems!) but we eventually found a spot where the swaying leaves did not interfere with Billy The Exterminator. We get all the SD channels and most of the HD. It may require a little fine tuning today if I can fit it into my busy schedule!

I will take a few photos today and post them.


Map picture


  1. Yeah you got there!! Now you can unwind and relax. Photos will be nice!

  2. Sorry for the stress Croft but we really appreciate the delivery service! I knew you could pull it off. Now you can relax, your job is done.