Monday, February 6, 2012

Hidden Gems–Isla Blanca

Every once in a while we have to stop and congratulate ourselves for choosing this laid back form of travel and for getting off the beaten track once in a while. Today was one of those days!

We have known of Isla Blanca for several years. The road to it is the same road we take to our RV park here in Cancun. We have occasionally said we should check it out but never have. This morning the sun was out and since we are leaving in two days we decided to take the drive.

Map picture

Isla Blanca is not really an island but rather a peninsula extending to the north of Cancun. It has been left nicely undeveloped up to this point. There is now one new hotel and one high priced resort at the bottom part of it. Past this the road turned to hardpan but there is a brand new four lane paved road that is complete but blocked off with traffic cones, probably waiting for an “Official Opening”. We took the 10 kilometer potholed road beside it. We drove to the end of the road where there is a beach but only room to park five or six cars. There is also a closed restaurant where they were trying to sell beach parking for $50 pesos. We passed and parked in one of the few free spaces. I put on my bathing suit and had a swim. The water was warm but the surf was churning up the sand and there was also a lot of sea grass in the water. It was nice but not great. Now for the Hidden Gem.

Pirata Morgan:


About a kilometer from the end of the road is this sign pointing to an access road to the beach. The word “Restaurante” caught our attention as it was a while since breakfast and we wanted to see one of the great beaches the Isla is known for. We drove in, parked and walked down to the beach. We were met by Erika,  a charming Mexican woman who spoke English and listed off the menu items. We ordered coffee, water and fish tacos. She walked with us to the beach where there were several palapas with plastic tables and chairs, the standard beach restaurant furnishings. The beach had been raked and was beautiful white sand. The surf was churning up the sand but unlike the previous beach, there was no sea grass mixed in. This was one of those places where you can come to, buy lunch and spend the day on the beach and in the water. Ordering a beer or snack once in a while keeps you in good standing with the management.


When our fish tacos arrived, they were like nothing we had ever seen! Instead of in traditional taco shells, they were wrapped up in filo pastry and deep fried. They were accompanied by a salsa that was equally unlike anything we had tasted. The tacos were moist and delicious! They contained finely chopped vegetables cooked in butter with small pieces of battered fish thrown in. The mixture was perfect and the sauce perfect. The best tacos I have ever eaten by a long shot!


Here we are with Erika. It is a family operation and her father took the photo for us. I suspect the cook is her brother.


Besides the restaurant there are cabanas for rent. They also advertise camping but I did not see any places to park an RV besides the parking lot. It was a great day and we met several other patrons from Uruguay, Spain and Mexico! On our was back we drove around the cones blocking the new road and used it, officially opened or not! If you are in Cancun and tire of the standard tourist fare, rent a car or drive your own out to Isla Blanca and give yourself a treat at Pirata Morgans! Bring your bathing suit.


  1. That's the kind of place that would make me want to go to the Cancun area. I bet you could park few days in the parking lot for 100 pesos a night and string an electric cord or just use a generator. I bet it is real quiet at night too. Was the road good enough for RV's?

  2. Was the road good enough for RV's?

    What Mike thoughts exactly!

  3. The road is good enough, the only concern would be a place to turn around. The parking lot at the Pirata Morgan would be no problem but if you went to the end of the road you would be stuck. Literally - in the sand.

    They charge $900 pesos per night for the cabanas and I don't know what overnight parking for a rig would cost. Their email is piratamorgancancun (at) The whole family speaks English

  4. Lovely, a real treasure and those tacos sound delicious.

  5. looks really nice! Glad you found it, even if it was just for the afternoon.

  6. Very lucky find. Norma you look fantastic!

  7. Hi, I'm Erika, thank you for your comments, thank you Croft and Norma, it was a pleasure to meet you, I'm glad you like the food, our email address is for anything you need